Jun 12, 2009

hOw tO mAke a tasty chOcolate *manually*

these are the basic things we need:

1. chocolate (couverture/ compound)
2. stainless steel mixing bowl
3. kitchen scale
4. food or yogurt warmer/ basin
5. plastic spatula
6. scraper
7. chocolate mould
8. warmth water
9. glove
10. plastic

11. apron

e.g chocolate steamer (thank GOD i found this classical chocolate steamer!)

e.g stainless steel mixing bowl (since i've got the chocolate steamer, i seldomly use this..but for those who use the food warmer, they need the mixing bowl)

e.g digital scale (i LOVE this because of the TARE BUTTON..heheheh..very easy to scale)

e.g mould (some of them)

e.g plastic spatula; scraper; teaspoon

e.g glove

later, i will add the food warmer and couverture chocolate...^o^

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